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Superior immune support
Stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation

  • Promotes antioxidant activity and immune support
  • Supports healthy cell division
  • Stimulates circulatory and lymphatic functions
  • Protects against abnormal cell growth

Gravizon™ is an enhanced immune, circulatory and lymphatic formula containing the whole-leaf spagyric extract of the Graviola tree. Rainforest natives have a rich history of using this herb for its profound healing properties – among them, immune, circulatory and lymphatic support. Research since the 1940s has validated and expanded understanding of this herb and its unique phyto-nutritional qualities. It is currently under intense study for its potential to possibly assist in blocking free radicals and abnormal cell growth. *

Twenty five years ago it was discovered that the leaf of the Graviola tree contained natural compounds having exceptional cytotoxic activity. In other words they had a very strong ability to prevent abnormal cellular division. Graviola is considered a unique botanical for immune support, assisting the immune system in cleansing abnormal tissue growth.

When the immune system works in this manner to “clean up” tissues, it must be able to easily reach the target tissue and the debris must be eliminated effectively. For this reason, in Gravizon Graviola is blended with
Recovazon that contains many herbs known for their ability to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, Envirozon that assists liver functions, and Arcozon that assists immune functions. Gravizon also contains Camu Camu and Sangre de Drago, strong antioxidants that provide protection against free radicals.

Therefore Gravizon’s unique synergistic formula provides exceptional immune support to assist the body in regaining and maintaining health.*

Ingredients: Graviola, Camu Camu, Sangre de Drago, Catuaba, Abuta, Pau d'Arco, Uña de Gato, Jatoba, Esphiniera Santa, Suma, Alfalfa, Muira Puama, Jurubeba, Boldo, Artichoke, Quebra Pedra, Dong Quai, Samambaia, Tangerine Peel, Aquilaria, Safflower, Manaca, Peach Kernel, Dalergia Wood, Bitter Orange, Tayuya, Iporuru
The following statements were written by Linda Hegstrand, MD, PhD (a member of the Amazon Herb Company's Medical Advisory Board) to provide some general guidelines as to how to gain the most benefit while consuming Gravizon. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Gravizon Guidelines*

Gravizon is an herbal support formula prepared by Amazon Herb Company using the spagyric process. In addition to Graviola, there are other herbs in Gravizon which help the body to support immune function, to detoxify, and to drain toxins.

For further support, other products are recommended as well: 

  • Gravizon: 1 teaspoon in a quart of purified water sipped throughout the day.
  • Rainforest Treasure Tea: Boil 1 bag in 3 to 4 cups of purified water for about 10 minutes and drink throughout the day.
  • Fiberzon: 1 scoop twice a day in 8 ounces of purified water followed by an additional 8 ounces of purified water.
  • Aquazon: 2 capsules twice a day.

It is suggested to take at least one 8 oz. bottle of Gravizon along with the above products over 4 to 6 weeks. Depending on an individual's response, a second 8 oz. bottle may be beneficial to an individual consuming this support formula. All of these products can be taken in larger amounts as the body tolerates them.

  TIP:  Graviola is also available as a whole leaf spagyric extract.


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are saying about Gravizon:

   "This product is wonderful. I have seen many beneficial changes in the immune system and circulatory system in my patients who use Gravizon™. I also use it as a nutritional support product to keep them healthy."
Jim Hawver, NMD

     "I suggest a complete program for my patients who use Gravizon™ - including Shipibo Treasure Tea™, Fiberzon™ and Aquazon™. Together, these four formulas compliment each other to best support the body's healing process."
           - Linda Hegstrand, MD

    "To boost my immune system during cold and flu season, I take 2 tsp. Gravizon per day (adult dosage - less for children based on their weight). If  I get symptoms i.e., sore throat, sinus congestion, achy muscles and joints, I use Recovazon 2 tsp per day (adult dosage - less for children based on their weight)."
             -  Dr. Eric Innes

     "Gravizon™ is definitely the formula of choice when using Graviola. I have observed tremendous benefits in my patients using it for enhancement of immune system function, lymph and blood purification, elimination of unhealthy cells and general detoxification."
    - Mitchell Fleisher, MD, DHt